Saturday, October 27, 2012

Don't Coerce Your Prospect

We all know the stories of individuals when they were first introduced to network marketing by a friend or family member. They tried to drag them to a hotel or home meeting with tales of making big money. The prospect signed up out of guilt to help the family member, not because they were really interested in network marketing and had a burning desire to make this work. The problem with this recruiting approach is that individuals will burn out quickly. There is only so much one can do going on enthusiasm. There are those individuals due to their personality who will be instantly drawn to this type of business. Ultimately, the thing that will keep someone in network marketing for the long term is that they fully believe in this approach to business.
In my personal situation, I learn that the more that I read and write about network marketing the stronger my belief in this business becomes. This is the only business where someone of extremely limited means can achieve the financial success that they desire. They cannot do it in any other business without making a significant investment of money or time and money-going back to school to earn a degree. When I hear someone knock the industry, I can just quietly know in my head that this person is uneducated concerning the real positives of this industry.
There are many individuals who personally think the entire network marketing industry is full of shams. Yes, there are companies that are not selling a legitimate product or service. They are usually investigated and then shut down by the government. However, how many well known companies in corporate America have recently been in the news due to the fact that their accountants were either "cooking the books" or the individuals at the top were skimming large sums of money off the top which eventually caused the company to fold and thousands of individuals to lose their job.
If you have prospects that are completely unwilling to hear you discuss your network marketing opportunity, then you don't force them, you just quietly educate them over time. Leave them alone! They are not interested. It is amazing how individuals who wanted absolutely nothing to do with this "sham business" will change their minds over time when they start to see your success. It could also be that your individual prospect is just in a place in their life where they are not really looking to make any significant changes. They are happy where they are at and have no desire to change.
You may ask what is the best way to educate prospects about this business? The best way is through frequent repetition concerning the great things about this business. That could be in the form of emails to your list or posts to your blog. There are plenty of individuals out there that are searching for something different and need to change their situation financially who are going to be open to this industry and the product or service that your company has to offer.
Just this week, I learned that only 4% of American actually retire with an income of $35,000 or more per year. The rest of individuals who retire usually have to take part time jobs at places like grocery stores or restaurants. Why not educate people about the great benefits of this industry. There are so many people out there who need this information and are looking for something better.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Final Fantasy XIV News

Final Fantasy XIV is expected to be released in a month. Earlier Jack Tretton announced that it is exclusively designed for PlayStation 3, but they have to be patient until March, 2011. Final Fantasy XIV comes with some exciting features. The release of this game follows closely after the release of Final Fantasy XIII. FFXIV collector's edition will be released a month earlier and it costs around $49.99 with a free game play for 30 days.
Final Fantasy XIV Highlights:
The PC version of Final Fantasy XIV can be played on 512MB VRAM and above. Final Fantasy XIV players can party up with their friends. There are square plans for making up a party of maximum 6 to 8 members. You will not find your enemies in one area, they will be scattered around. It is laser tuned for people who played FFXI. The job and battle systems of FFXI used level-based progression and experience points, whereas FFXIV uses skill based progression. It allows the gamers to create avatars for the character races.
FFXIV Gameplay:
Final Fantasy XIV balances both group and solo play. Players can choose their favorite avatars like Thaumaturge or Gladiator by wielding different crafting tools and weapons. The roles are based on four disciplines namely
  • Disciples of Hand
  • Disciples of Land
  • Disciples of Magic
  • Disciples of War
The crafting system is included in the armory system and the player's appearance changes according to the craft they use. For example, on wielding a Blacksmith hammer the player becomes a blacksmith. This applies to the harvesting tools also.Final Fantasy XIV Races:
Final Fantasy XIV has five playable races so far. All these races are similar to the FFXI races. The main aim of the developers is to create a familiar atmosphere to the FFXI players. FFXIV races are Hyur, Elezen, Lalafell, Roegadyn and Miqo'te. The city states like Gridania, Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah is where the Final Fantasy XIV game is played.
Hyur's are divided into Highlanders and Midlanders. Midlanders are the most cultured people and they highly emphasize on education. Highlanders are bulkier and physically larger. Both sexes are available in the Midlander playable characters whereas only male characters are available in the Highlander race. Elezen's are elf like characters. They are divided into Duskwight and the Wildwood Elezen. Duskwight's live in caverns and caves with a high sense of hearing. Wildwood's live in forest with a very keen sense of sight.
Similarly Lalafell's are physically diminutive humanoids from southern regions. They have high intelligence and agility. Lalafell's are divided into Dunesfols and plainsfolk. Roegadyn's are muscular and physically large from northern regions. They are split into hellsguard and sea wolves. Miqo'te's are cat-like humanoids, who are divided into Seekers of the Sun and Keepers of the Moon.
In this game, fatigue will not be carried over when the weapons are changed. Almost all the basic parts will be there in the open beta version but it has only a very small part of the storyline quests.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Educational School Supplies and More

When you have kids, you want the best for them. You want them to grow up with everything that you didn't have, which means more opportunities for success and happiness. Here are some important things to remember, and ideas to enact so that your children grow up better than you.
1. Talking to your baby will help her speak more quickly. From a young age, you can begin to read to your children, even if it is something that you're reading and they can't understand. Children are comforted when they hear a familiar voice, and the more vocabulary they are exposed to, the more they will retain. By the time they are able to read, they will remember all of the times you read to them, and will carry around books and want to read on their own. The more accessible you make books to them, the more likely they will take advantage.
2. Animals are a great way to teach kids about life. Cleaning and taking care of animals shows kids responsibility. Having dogs, and cats especially, are great ways to make children more sensitive to tension and to reduce stress in the household. Take them to the zoo, or a local farm.
3. Blank notebooks are ideal for journal keeping. Not only will educational school supplies teach kids writing and drawing skills, fostering creativity, but it will also allow them to look back on their memories and understand the workings of consciousness.
4. Television is a slippery slope. On one hand, there's lots of informational TV out there these days, but a lot of the programs kids watch don't fall into this category. But that's not to say that these are mindless - older kids often talk about and remember the TV shows they watched when children for years. These can be ways of fostering children's creativity, albeit passively. Too much is bad news though; try monitoring TV watching and video game playing so that it doesn't exceed 3 hours a day.
5. Museum trips and family outings are relatively inexpensive ways to teach your kids about culture. They will be sure to remember these times for years to come.
6. Take your kids outside of their comfort zone. Expose them to new things, whether they are places, foods, or people. This will help them to see the differences in life, and realize that there are always people less privileged.
7. Mathematics can be taught in the kitchen. Counting, sorting, measuring, and patterns are all educational school supplies that can be relayed in the kitchen.
8. Science: For children the world is so new that everything has yet to be learned. Nature, plants, bugs, weather, the sky, all of these things are without reason for children. Let your child experience them, and encourage her to ask questions, even if they are constant and annoying.
Having children is our ultimate purpose in life. Nurturing them will help them become healthy, happy adults. It's important, however, to let children experience life's difficulties too - you don't want to provide too much, only to watch your kids flounder in the real world. Finding a healthy medium is the best way to raise kids.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Single Mothers Can Pursue Their Educational Dreams

With women grants now available single mothers can pursue their educational dreams. Studying in college can prove to be a painful task for them, especially if they have to take care of their kids and their jobs simultaneously. The good news is that financial assistance is available for such women through the help of free government grants. It has been observed that despite these grants being available, many women do not avail of them. The prime reason is they have no idea about it. According to their thoughts, only those who have become high school graduates recently can avail of such facilities provided by the government.
It is due to these notions and misunderstandings that a large percentage of women who have completed their high school course do not pursue their studies any further. Reports reveal that a good percentage of older women have availed of women's grants to complete their higher education, despite the fact that they were also facing the problems of time & energy, apart from finances too. Since these grants have been designed keeping the poor in mind, it is but logical that single moms hailing from poorest families get maximum financial help.
The amount of these women's grant is so much that they can easily help them to pay for the entire duration of their higher studies. Though every citizen of the USA is eligible to receive college scholarships and grants from the government, the maximum number of assistance is provided to those who hail from the poorer segment. This means that single moms and those from minorities stand to gain the most. It is not tough to find from where such loans are available. Searching the net will provide you further details. On being satisfied with any such women's grant, apply for them through the FAFSA website.
It is as simple as filling up an online form and then taking along the results to the college financial aid office. Even if the financial aid that you are directly receiving might not seem to be enough to cover up your higher education, you should know that these financial aids are also provided to you indirectly. Quite a number of such grants are sent directly minority colleges and women's colleges to help subsidize their operation. Remember, there are various channels of financial assistance and you should also check them too to avail the best.